Welcome!! Kamikochi Myojinkan

Get back with nature in a quiet and relaxing atomosphere

Here is The Kamikochi, Real Mauntain Resort!

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For Kamikochi Walk, Hiking, Alps Climbing

Here is nothing but mountains, trees, river, and nature.

You may look up the Myojin-dake mountain (the old name was the Mt. Hotaka)
From our Hotel, in and out of the Myojinkan

We are open between April 27th and first week of November
High season is about May 1-4, Jul. 18th - Aug. 31st,
Saturday of May 15th - Jun. 15th,
About Oct. 9th 10th. and Saturdays in Sep. and Oct.becase of vacation.

You will need walking shoes,to stay in our area

Accomendation Cherge not including 5%tax is as follows:

---One night stay with 2meals

1 room 2person
1 room 3person
1 room 4person
With others(domitory)All including is

We have Japaneese style rooms but no bath and restroom in it.

Sorry, No Cards acceptable, Cash Only accepted.

In the Lodge Domitory,
you may stay with other people, men or women or men & women.

Men only room and women only room are separated rooms.
One bed per person are arranged.

You may have 1 room for 1 person in the off season.
The charge shown above is the approximate rate for 1 room with 2 people.

Caution: Due to a high responsibility to accept all climbers
who come to this mountain national park,
Mountain lodges usually can arrange only about a half single bed size per trecker
without separating women and men at high season,
in the Japan alps national park area.

Therefore, at high season climber guests are arranged
only in dormitory(but japanese tatami) system.
Charge is subject to the accommodation provided.

Myojinkan and Mt.Myojin

Hotel Anex is very new.
Japanese style bigger bath for men or women with a nice view.
In the bathroom,we provide bodysoaps,shampoo,clean towels.
A hair dryer is provided in the bathroom for women.
You may use it from 15:00 to 20:00 hours.

In the room(not domitory),we provide a small
Clean towel,toothbrush,and night cloth(yukata),free.
At reception a bigger bath towel is available.
We have a shop
with original goods and other items.
Tea room, and restaurant for outsiders
We serve cofee,tea,cocoa,and draft bear.
Our natural apple juice is highly recomended.
The restaurant for non-resident is open from 7a.m.to 3p.m.
We serve noodle(Chinese stle,Japaneese),oden(mashed fish and),
curry(Japanese style).
Grilled fish(iwana is famous in this area)for lunch.so on.

We have 8 vending mashines for your drink needs.
pubulic phone
We have two, you can use until 9p.m.
electricity is reduced
from 9.30p.m. because the hotel is for people who like nature.

from kamikochi bus stop 3k,40min.walk only.
We recomend to come in by backpacking and until 4p.m.
We are sorry you cannot take a bus to us.
In order to preserve nature,buses are prohibited by the authorities.

Japanese style bathroom

For reservations, would you please call us by phone,or web reservatin.
We will sometime at high season require a deposit@5,000yen by airmail to secure your booking.

Here is the yen cash only area.

We do not receive reservation by e-mail regularly.
But if you use e-mail, would you please send your reservation early.

And would you please arrive at our hotel by about 4.pm.

Web Reservatin

zip 390-1516
Myojinkan Kamikochi azumi matsumoto-shi nagano-ken Japan.
Japan phone 0263-95-2036 and fax 0263-95-2037

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