The Kamikochi, In Jappan Alps

Kamikochi is the famous mauntain resort in japan now

This is the about 16km flat and walking area,
arounded by the Hotaka range,
Mt.yake, Mt. kasumizawa, Mt.roppyaku, and Mt.tyou.

In kamikochi,3kinds of ponds.
named taisyo-ike,tasiro-ike,and myojin-ike.

And 4 bridges, over the azusa river.
named tasiro-bashi, kappa-bashi, myojin-bashi and sinmura-bashi.

Kamikochi is devided in the 6 areas,
such as taisyoike-area, onsen-area, kappabasi-area,
myojin-area, tokusawa-area and yokoo-area.

And before the kamikochi is river-side area.

From each area in kamikochi,
you may see the beautiful mountans.

But from taisyo-ike area, onsen-area, and kappabashi-area,
the views is almost same.

Kappabashi-area, myojin-area, tokusawa-area, and yokoo-area,
is differrent views.

And from road to road to walk, another views.

The Hotaka have many maountains of hotaka,such as
Mt.myojin(the old Hotaka), Mt.maeho, Mt.okuho, Mt.nisiho,
Mt.karasawa,and Mt.kitaho.

Also you may climb Mt.yari, Mt.tyou, Mt.jonen,
Mt.yake(bolcano), Tokugo pass.

No normal route to clomb Mt.myojin.

Difficult to climb and to hike around the mountain ranges of Hotakas.

Each of Hotakas have some peek and rokky,
and hith range of about 3,000m.

It is easy to climb to the tokugo-pass,
to the first peek of the Mt.nishiho,
to around the peek of the Mt.yake,
to the peek of the Mt.tyou,
to dakesawa the bottom of Mt.okuho,
and to the karawawa the bottoms of the Mt.maeho, Mt.okuho and so on.

The history of the kamikochi starts before 2000years ago.

The God of the sea came here, named hotaka-no-kami.

From about 400years ago,
Here is the area of trees cutting for Matsumoto-han the one of
the group of samurais under the Syougun(the Highest).

From about 100years ago,
Here is the fields of cows and horses.

Till this age, the center of the kamikochi is the myojin-area.

Japan alps climbing starts,
after coming of Mr.Garland, Sir Wheston,
and other climbers from euarope.

Now most of japanese knows only the Kappabashi-bridge,
and the sight from there in the Kamikochi.

Say the kamikochi, it's the kappabashi-area now.

Many people comes to the kamikochi,in the summer season,
So if you have the vacation, please come here the spring,
or automn, the days not saturday.

May 15th to June 15th is the frower season,
you may not climb,
but many flowers about myojin-area or tokusawa-area.

Until September 20th you may climb the mountains,
But on saturdays is yets crowded.

There are camping sites near kappabashi-area and tokusawa-area.

Myojin-area is cheaper because you must walk for 40mins.

If you want to climb the mountans,
The huts are clowded at the summer and autumn season.
You do not need a sleeping bug.
Check in time is until 4p.m.,
we recomend you get to the huts by about 2or3p.m..

Japan alps area is the most famous national park in Japan,
We have so many nice hotels and huts for you.
also have you, for the nice nature.

From kamikochi Bus station to our Myojinkan(Myojin) is
just 3Km. flat road, slowly walking about 45min..

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